About Dr. Sandy Murphy

Dr. Murphy is a triumphant sur-victor of God’s glory from incest, rape, domestic violence, PTSD, and unforgiveness. At age 18 her husband shot her in the face at close range with a twelve-gauge shotgun. She is the author of over 33 inner-healing and self-help books. The founder and Executive Director of Fair Care Center, Building Better Families Counseling & L.L.U. Training Services, Overseer of READY-Remnant Fellowship; a Virtual Apostolic Para-Church branch of WHOLE-Family Healing & Deliverance Center.

She is Chancellor/Founder of Elect Lady Sons of Thunder School of Ministry & Mentoring Academy, Producer & Host of Sessions2Real and SituationROOMS YouTube Channels TV/Podcast and Dr. Keepin` It REAL Internet Radio Shows. She serves in the anointed election as an Apostle and moves by the Holy Spirit through the gifts of wisdom, "seer", "inner" healing, and the spirit of deliverance for wounded and lost souls.