Evangelist Dorothy Walker
The ministry's classes, Apostle Murphy and the other instructors teaching, study materials, and books were such a blessing! I gained a great wealth of wisdom, strength, and inspiration. Each class impacted me and my family!

Dr. Evangelist Anita Wright
I want to thank God for anointing Dr. Murphy with the vision and wisdom to start the Elect Lady School of Ministry. The spiritual disciplines taught during the clergy training deepened my relationship with God and provide me with a source of humility and dependence on Him. The training helped me develop the ability to discern through prayer, bible study, meditation and fasting, as well as how to become more sensitive to God’s voice and prompting. I know that this experience has enriched my life and the lives of those around me. It was a blessing to licensed and ordained through the Elect Lady School of Ministry. The ordination ceremony was awesome. I appreciate Dr. Murphy for caring and sharing her spiritual wisdom with me and being obedient to God’s call on her life. Trusting and Depending on Him.

Evangelist Dytanya Posey
My experience with ELST has been life changing for me. I have come to realize my true calling which is Evangelism and I’m so excited! Since the moment I’ve said “YES” to my calling my life has not been the same. God has opened so many doors for me even at my current church especially in leadership. I can truly say that Apostle Murphy is a God sent and I’m so happy that I now have the confidence to walk into the destiny God has ordained for my life. Evangelist Dytanya Posey ELST 2010 Student.

Apostle D Tyler Brown
ELST has provided mentoring opportunities along with ministry license and ordination credentials that have opened doors for numerous ministry venues and support. I am proud to be a member of the first graduating class...December 2009. Apostle D Tyler Brown, Founder D Tyler Brown Ministries.

Evangelist Eva Herrera
I am so thankful to the Lord for taking the Elect Lady School of Ministry for clergy classes. My desire has always been to serve the Lord with excellence. The classes helped me with the ministry the Lord gave me with various ways to effectively build the foundation of my ministry. The Ordination was so beautiful! We all dressed in our clergy suits. Dr. Apostle Sandy Murphy anointed us and ordained us for the work of ministry God called us to. It was a very special ceremony. Some of us received our Certificate of Clergy License and Ordination. Now we can go and minister wherever the Lord send us.

Prophetess Sandra Sheard
I would like to attempt to briefly express my genuine feelings about Elect Lady School of Ministry/Mentoring Academy. I'm only allowed so many words which make it very difficult.

I have been saved, sanctified, set-apart to give God Glory in everything I do since 1979. Apostle Dr. Sandy saw gifts and fruit in me that i really didn't know exist. After discovery it was if she was on a "Mission" to allow The Holy Spirit to surface and have unlimited range in my "Full" life.

The classes are Rich in Wisdom, Smoother in Sanctified common sense, and Dripping with Integrity. I highly recommend this Christian School to anyone that is serious about their relationship with Abba. Hat's off and may God continue to Bless you Apostle Dr. Murphy as this school goes forth in a MIGHTY way! I am proud to be one of the school's first graduates and was Ordained and Licensed as one of God's Prophets.

Prophetess Monique Lampkin
ELST imparted priceless words of wisdom, practical application and provided credentialing to aid me further serving in the world and Kingdom of Christ equipped. Spring 2010 Class.

Evangelist Annie Smith
The ELST Academy is an amazing program for all levels of clergy, from new ministers to bishops. The foundational teachings are biblical based, and the instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced in every area of ministry. As a new minister in the body of Christ, I found the teachings to be easy to comprehend. The mentoring workshops equip the participants with the knowledge and application to launch into ministry at the completion of the program. I would recommend this program to anyone that is a beginner or ready to go a deeper level.

Evangelist Jessie Bouie J`ean
I am so glad I found Elect Lady & Sons of Thunder School of Ministry & Mentoring. It has really changed my life! I was referred to the school in November 2009 by a friend - Prophetess Latarjah Dean, who knew of my plights in ministry. At the time of the referral, I was seeking God about His having chosen me for ministry and how it seemed as if I was not going anywhere as far as ministry was concerned. There had been a calling on my life for many years and no matter how I tried to be used in other ministries that I was "a part of", that part of me (ministry) was not being fulfilled. I had been licensed and ordained but never used; never allowed to go forth in what God had impressed upon me. The school teaches everything one who is in ministry need to spiritually know about themselves and presenting the gospel to the world. I did not know how to get started. I lacked confidence and boldness I needed to become an effective evangelist for the kingdom. I now have my own ministry -- SOAR -- and held my first conference seven months after graduating from the school! Apostle Dr. Murphy (founder and director of the school) is of non-compare. She is not only my mentor, but a true friend! She has given me the confidence and assuredly that "I can do all things that God has given me for ministry through Christ who strengthens me".