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FAQ About the Accreditation Process


How much is the fee for accreditation?

There are currently four types of Credentialing opportunities. The Credentialing types and Fees will be covered during the Pre-Credentialing Orientation.

How Long Is the Credentialing Application Process?

Depending on the Credential Type, the review process could be between two to four months. Also, the processing time might be extended if additional information is needed or required educational tools are deficient during the site review visit. 

Is There a Pre-Credentialing Coach Available to Assist with The Application Process?

Since Instructors will offer individualized "specialty education", and to successfully meet the Accreditation Criteria, LLU will encourage applicants to consider contracting with a LLU Pre-Credentialing Coach to assist with the application process. However, LLU does not endorse, recommend, or provide names of consultants that may be best qualified to assist applicants through the Accreditation process.

What Is the Accreditation Expiration Timeline?

There are currently four types of Credentialing opportunities. The Credentialing types and Fees will be covered during the Pre-Credentialing Orientation.

What Is Significant About the LLU CEU Accreditation?

LLU works with a variety of organizations to develop educational programs and trainings that will meet the accreditation criterion standards and public workforce needs. We have over 35 years of experience developing diverse educational curriculum, online courses, webinars, in-person classes, and combinations of all of the above.

How Do We Calculate Recognizable CEU’s?

LLU in accordance with the U.S. Department of Education task force defines the CEU standard of measurement as: 1 CEU = 10 contact hours of educational participation; offered by an experienced and program credentialed instructor. CEUs are converted into other measurements, such as Professional Development Hours or Continuing Education Credits, depending on the accredited organization and/or credits criterion board.

Does The Instructor/Trainer Need to Have Specific Certifications or Degrees for Credentialing or To Offer A Special Study For Our Program?

Yes, The Educational Directors or Instructors/Trainers who are seeking to be credentialed to offer CEUs through their organizations must have a certain level of education based on the credentialing level of certification they are applying for. All Instructors should be evaluated through the applicant's Instructor Application requirements process. They do not need to hold specific educational credentials unless the applicant's Instructor Application requires them based on the study they will be instructing. If your organization selects, monitors, and evaluates them using the processes indicated in our LLU-CARB Credentialing Standards Application.

Can An Instructor/Trainer Receive Credits For Studies They Offer?

No, LLU Credentialed Instructors are responsible for delivering the educational content to participants and assessing whether participants have met the study learning outcomes. It is the assumption that the instructor has already established they are competent in the content area prior to the training event. Instructors are not active learners in the training event; they are the instructors/facilitators of knowledge.

Can CEU’s Be Award for Studies That Was Offered To The Instructor/Trainer By The Organization Before Accreditation?

No, the applicant/organization must first meet the LLU Accreditation Standards requirements and be approved before CEUs can be awarded.

Before Accreditation, Does the Educational Program Require A Physical [Permanent Location] To Host Studies?

For the initial accreditation application interview and educational location review, there will need to be an onsite visit to assess the required educational delivery tools.