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SUSTAH-BUTTERFLY Domestic Violence Facilitator


This term SUSTAH-BUTTERFLY was coined by Holy Spirit through me as I was cleaning house…


This term SUSTAH-BUTTERFLY was coined by Holy Spirit through me as I was cleaning house and meditating about the need for Peer-To-Peer Group Listening Sessions for inner-healing and deliverance. I heard through Holy Spirit the word “Sustah”; how they can become Butterflies, receive a metamorphous spiritual process, gain access to authentic personal freedom, and recover from the clutches of abuse and domestic violence. As a “SurVictor,”(survivor) by the grace and mercies of God, at the age of 18, I have experienced and learned from being nearly killed with a twelve gauge shotgun to the face by my children’s father, that it was making the decision to leave the abuse with hope that my life would be spared. Needless to say, I was nearly killed because I had no sound experienced counsel to help me transition safely as possible. I have no words to express how convinced I am that we critically need Survivors who are mature, wise, and experienced to offer Peer Survivors/SurVictors personalized or Group Listening Rooms for victims safety; and to help them process their metamorphous for inner-healing and recovery. Too often the fragmented soul causes vicious cycles of demonic soul-ties, strongholds, and violent/abusive co-dependency relationships that are increasing among marriages, and teen dating. We should also keep our ears and eyes open for intervention about the domestic violence numbers that are increasing with fatalities in same-sex relationships.

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