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After I finished putting this Peer-To-Peer Survivor Facilitator Group Planner together, I thought to myself, “Lord is this really worth it?"


Take time to learn about the painful feelings from your childhood to experience divine healing that ONLY God can give.

TEO The BROWN Pony with PINK Ears

This short story is one of her first “Friends of Minds” Series designed to instill Behavioral Wellness among children.

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The House That Secrets Built

Everybody has a secret! Even if it is a secret about what you don’t want others to know something about yourself.


This Workbook will prayerfully help the LGBTQ+Teens and/or NoGenderations cultures to recognize and understand the spiritual process.



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Have you ever wondered what was the force that would come into your dreams and lay on top of you, hold you down


If there has ever been a critical time and need for the people of God to embrace “Relational Wisdom”, it is NOW!


All across America the issues relating to pre-marital sex, common-law marriage....

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Opening the Eyes of Silly Women

Countless women and teen girls (especially the saved) are facing deceptive identity crisis while longing to fill the emptiness in their hearts 

Visiting Rights Cycles

The historical breakdown of relationships, families, marriages and even leadership is evidence that family curses are reoccurring problems that continues to steal, kill, and destroy lives.

Risky Residue Same-Sex Lifestyles

Secrets destroy the very core of our beings. In this “call to action” message, Dr. Murphy shares a horrific story of three teen girls who cry out for help after being sexually abused by both a Parent and Pastor! 

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Who Told You You're Gay?

The root of all bondage is disobedience to the Word of God and spiritual ignorance. This educational Session is designed to minister inner-healing, deliverance, and to provide understanding and answers about generational iniquity to parents of Gay Children. 

Chocolate Covered Flattery

Discerning The Slippery Paths of FLATTERY is very critical in these last days! In this “keeping it REAL” message, Dr. Murphy shares some key “smooth and soothing tongues” cunning ways of those who prophetically-con people who are often silently desperate for ministry growth

Why I Can't Trust You

When people refuse to seek “sound” counsel about the secret issues in their lives, “The BODY remembers what the MIND chooses to forget” All across America women, men, boys, and girls are “silently suffering” from the generational “incest taboo”

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Loosing Persecuted Preacher Woman

I believe that the worse condemnation and persecution doesn’t come from the world as much as it comes from the “church” (Body of Christ). In Psalms 55:12-14, we find a great example of being wounded in the church. 

Loosing Persecuted Preacher Woman 2

Trust is earned over time. Seldom is trust bestowed. It is almost without exception, the results of real precedents, real actions

Loosing Persecuted Preacher Woman 7

Even though we spiritually impact almost everyone around us, our level of influence is not the same with everybody. But if you truly want to make an influence in someone’s life, then you must do it close up

Loosing Persecuted Preacher Woman 

We as preachers must keep a spiritual check on our hearts to keep from falling away from the truth through the acts of our flesh, because Eph. 2:2 (amplified) tells us….”In which at one time you walked (habitually). 

Loosing Persecuted Preacher Woman

Do You Know What The Number One Killer of Ministries Under The Leadership of Women Is? More than 75% of women who have been persecuted and rejected about being called to preach the Gospel, will abort their ministry.

Demons Are On Assignment

 Whether we want to admit it or not, the misunderstanding of the word covering have created a stagnation for leaders who do not understand the importance of covering and the generational blessings that come from a divine apostolic father or mother who helps bring forth reformation to the Body of Christ through your gifts.

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From Page Eighteen

In spite of all of my REAL life-happens” challenges and God’s divine purpose-driven test in my life that seemed so unfair; along with prayers unanswered or appearing to be overlooked, I am still extremely grateful for this grace-filled and merciful life.

Charismatic Flesh Addicts

Warning! You do not want to simply READ this Session, you MUST with caution HEED to the truths pointed out here.

Teacher School of Ministry

School of MinistryHOME-BASED & CHURCH-BASED TEACHER "POWER-COMMUNICATOR" PRACTICUMS Foundation Set-up & Sample Advanced-Teacher Skills School of Ministry Accreditation Standards Self-Study Concepts

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Specialty Care Counselor

This Counselor’s Services Handbook includes educational behavior wellness Resources and Sample Service Forms to help Counselors Set-Up and deliver professional counseling best practices, create public safety and build “better families.

Some thought About It

Millions of adult-children survivors who silently suffer from intentional interpersonal abuse are more than likely a part of the undocumented stats of abuse at the hands of those they know genetically or through relationships.

Too Bad It Wasn't  A Dream

It was an 18-year-old mother's worst nightmare to wake up one day after a brush with death to face the mirror of reality and wish it was a dream.

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The Curse Of Dishonor

Apostle Murphy shares how the abundance of the heart speaks and often times it will even demonstrate blatant disrespect and dishonor.

Discerning Undercover Sap Suckers

In this critical hour, we must be keen in discernment. NOT suspicion, wondering, or guessing! There is a difference between suspicion and discernment.

Women Who Answered the Call

This Leadership SURVIVAL GUIDE is designed to assist women who have boldly answered the CALL to ministry in their ministry gift alignment and service excellence.