Corporate Intercessors / Prayer Request

We are praying with you!

Thank you for trusting us to stand in the gap with you for your prayer request.

If this is a private request, we regretfully will not be able to receive it here since we will announce it corporately as God leads when we pray.

The prayer request received after 6:30pm the Night Before the Bible Study or request received after 6:30am the Morning Before for our Ready-Remnant Virtual Calls, regretfully will not get announced; but will be prayed about during our fellowship corporate gap prayers when praying about various concerns among families and global issues.

If you are a Prayer Intercessor or simply would like to become one of our Volunteers to Pray on our Virtual Call Meetings, please submit your request below. The Volunteer Prayer Intercessor will Pray for 45 mins to 1-hour as God leads on Tuesdays starting at 6:45pm until 7:30pm Before Bible Study weekly, and 6:45am until 7:30am on the 2nd and 3rd Week Monthly Before our Ready-Remnant Meetings Call. The Prayer Intercessors will call out the names on our prayer list received from here, pray for them, and any issues God gives them to pray about that we should corporately be in the gap praying about.

He sent His Word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.
Psalm 107:20

God bless you for supporting this outreach and praying with us!

Please be brief about the prayer request and give the full name of the person we are praying with you about.

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